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Dot the Cat

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Dot th Cat

Hi! My name is DOT.
I live on Dondoric Farm in The Plains, Virginia, 45 miles west of Washington, DC. My people think they own this place but it is really mine. I have them well trained.

I am digitally enhanced! That is I'm polydactyl. This means that I have 6 toes. Some people call us Hemingway Cats because he had several of my relitives. We cats like Hemingway because he was a Hunter and a Fisherman. It is believed that all polydactyl cats are decended from one tom cat that belonged to a sea captian who sailed up and down the east coast of the United States. In every port, the cat would leave the ship to make friends with some local females and then move on to the next port. Poltdactal cats are considered superb hunters. Click Here for more info.


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